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Birthdate:Nov 12
Nicknames I usually go by: Mary
Fandoms I'm most active in: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate series, Re:Zero, anime and manga in general

Random assorted facts about me:

- I'm a sweet tooth
- I am significantly more shy in real life than online
- I get snarky a lot
- I adore cats
- I don't like politics, period
- I get very emotional over trivial things
- I never shut up about Fate/Zero or the Fate series in general
- I didn't hate the Star Wars prequels *dodges tomatoes*
- I can get very passionate about my faves
- The only idol anime I unironically like is Aikatsu
- I am an unashamed Hiroyuki Sawano fangirl

Places you can find me at:

Twitter (I barely use it tho):

Interests (14):

anime, browsing the web, bunch of other nerdy things, disney, douglas adams novels, drawing, marvel cinematic universe, pixar, so bad it's good young adult literature, star wars, vocaloid, wacky pulp fiction books no one cares about, whatever catches my attention, writing
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