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In which we talk about the fantasy adventure anime of the 2017 winter season – No, not Tales of Zestiria the X 2. The other one.

Yep, it’s time for Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitas!

Chain Chronicle is an interesting little series: it’s actually a trilogy of movies, split up into a twelve episodes tv anime. The last part of the Trilogy will be in Japanese theaters around February, and the televised version began airing not too long ago. It's based on a mobile game by Sega to my knowledge.

Now I have actually seen the first couple of trailers for the first movie, and to put it simply I was not impressed. The production looked fine sure, but everything about it felt so ridiculously generic I was expecting Frodo to show up at some point.

So how is the series, you may ask. Well… it’s a thing… stuff happen… I don’t really know.

The first part of the episode half boring, half annoying: The story begins in medias res, and by that I mean the whole thing feels like I just flipped the channel to a big long epic fantasy movie during its final third. I'm all for in medias res, but this is needlessly confusing.  Our heroes fight a big bad evil dude with a broody voice and a fancy beard. There are lots of characters whom did things I had trouble paying attention to because there are too freaking many of them.

Our heroes (I think) get their asses kicked, a fairy gets killed (probably), a book gets ripped in half and then something bad happens. I don’t know why exactly it is a bad thing because it’s not explained, but everyone seems to be rather worried about it. Also painfully generic main character looking guy (I think his name was Yuri?) is voiced by Akira Ishida. Oh dear they dragged poor Akira Ishida into this didn’t they?

Some angst later we get to the second half of the episode and it actually managed to grab my interest briefly, just by virtue of two things: a.) It was way more coherent and b.) It featured a character I actually gave a damn about. I mean I even managed to remember his name!

Aram, our other protagonist is a young boy who immediately endeared himself to me by teaching the resident stereotypical bald douche a lesson for being an asshole to an old lady, while being delightfully smug about it. Then went on to help said old lady. Is it a generic scene that you could expect in any story like this one? Yes. Is it ten times more amusing and coherent than what we had so far? Oh hell yes. Does the other main character have way more likability points 2 seconds in than any other character that showed up on screen up until this point? Abso-freaking-loutely! And he even helps the old lady with her carriage! He’s such a sweetheart!

Seriously look at this cutiepie! Look at him!! Just... d'awwww!

Wait, what are you doing Chain Chronicle, no don’t cut back to Team Boring, I don’t care about them! Give me back my white haired cocky cinnamon roll! Nooooo!!!

*sighs* WELL. Anyway, Team Boring run into some angry villagers who are salty that they are leaving after losing the war (yeah they are gonna sit around there and die pointlessly instead of a tactical retreat just to please you) then they meet Aram at a village attacked by badguys, and teamup and asskicking ensues. The end.

This first episode was a very mixed bag for me, and I’m heavily debating whether I should watch more or just skip this show altogether. Sure there were things I liked, the opening theme song was pretty dope, I liked at least one of the characters so far and one of my favorite seiyus Akira Ishida is in this, but that doesn’t counter well the long list of problems I have. The production is inconsistent thought it did have a few impressive moments (Such as when we briefly enter one of the characters first person POV during the episode end fight scene), the opening scene was confusing as hell and everything is so damn generic it’s not even funny. The whole experience is mostly forgettable really.

I guess I better stick to ToZ the X for now.

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