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 The summer anime season has just begun with way too many shows for anyone to keep track of. So here is a handy-dandy list of first impressions of a bunch of shows that premiered this week.


Enmusubi no Youko-chan

This was quite possibly the most cluttered and confusing first episode I’ve seen so far. When it wasn’t boring, it threw so much information at me all at once that I had next to no idea what the hell was I watching.

The initial premise on MAL seemed cute but the series has zero interest in actually doing it justice and frankly, if the show doesn’t give a damn neither will I. To the drop list you go!

Status: Dropped


And now let’s move onto something that wasn’t a disaster!

Kakegurui introduces us to a prestigious school for rich kids, where your social status isn’t determined by your athletic skills or academics but rather how good you are at gambling. Yes gambling. In case you are wondering no, none of the teachers seem to give a shit.

Our protagonists with maybe one or two exceptions are either irredeemable assholes or completely crazy (or both), and that’s part of the fun here. The other part of it is the insane psychological warfare and mind games that go on during this episode’s first gamble match. If you are a lover of high stakes games, nail-biting tension and intense mind games this is the show for you. Plus it has probably the biggest contenders of best opening of the season besides Fate/Apocrypha.

Status: Watching


And speaking of the devil, Fate/Apocrypha also premiered this week and boy does it live up to the Nasuverse’s legacy: A badass opening fight followed by seemingly endless infodumping.

There isn’t much to say since most of it was just establishing the plot and exposition, but that is to be expected in a Fate story. Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t any highlights: besides the opening fight scene kicking ass, we also have the introduction to one of the masters of team red Shishigo, who apparently got lost during a metal head convention and accidentally wondered into the Clocktower. He’ll certainly make for a cool master I can already tell. There is also the fact that Apocrypha delivered us the best cameos this season.

Status: Watching

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

If you thought Apocrypha’s opening fight was cool then woo boi.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu kicks off with a bang of a first episode, and it’s safe to say this looks to be a great time. I was honestly anxious how they will handle the very-little plot the original game has and how they will turn it into a competent script, but so far the series is doing a great job at it. The production is top notch too which seems like an obvious thing given the studio behind it, but it cannot be understated how dang pretty it looks.

Needless to say it’s definitely a series worthy to check out.

Status: Watching

Knight’s and Magic

Annoying obvious typo in the title aside this first episode was very warm and fuzzy, which is not what I expected from your average run of the mill mech show. Our protagonist gets reincarnated into a fantasy world with giant robots after dying in a car accident. If this sounds vaguely similar to a certain other anime involving modern day adults reincarnating into other worlds than I’m happy to inform you this is pretty much where the similarities ends; because while Youjo Senki was about a sociopathic business man with no sense of morality reincarnating as a sociopathic little girl with no sense of morality (and with magic), this anime is about an adorable giant robot otaku and genius programmer reincarnated as an adorable giant robot otaku and genius mage.

This may not be a strong start but a very fun and very sweet one with a nice cliffhanger at the end, so I’m curious where this will go.

Status: Watching

Battle Girl High School

And now back to the land of boring with Battle Girl High School, a show I dropped in the middle of the first episode. It’s a pseudo-magical girl show about a bunch of high school girls fighting monsters that is based on a mobile game. The cast is way too big and they are all very much one note, the production is lackluster with bad CGI everywhere and the entire experience is a snooze fest. No thank you out of ten, would not recommend.

Status: Dropped

Isekai Shokudou

There is something strangely endearing about watching a samurai, and old sage and a half human-half lion barbarian arguing about what kind of dish fits with white rice best. Isekai Shokudou is the feel-good slice-of-life show of the season complete with two charming and sweet leads, a fun premise and copious amounts of food porn. I should warn everyone right here to not watch this show with an empty stomach, because you will get hungry.

Status: Watching

Tsuredure Children

I will admit as much as I’m not a huge fan of romance stories, episode 1 of Tsuredure Children was very cute (and very funny). It’s not perfect – one of the jokes waltzed into slightly uncomfortable territory – but overall it was nice. It’s a short form series so there isn’t much to say – without spoiling anything that is – other than that I had a good time.

Status: Watching

Netsuzou Trap

I want to burn this show. I want to burn it to ashes and have rabid dogs piss on the remains, but not before beating the hell out of it, running it over with a flaming semi-truck and then chopping it onto tiny pieces.

I have seen shitty shows. I have seen shitty yuri shows. But this… this, my friends is a whole new fucking level.

The amount of borderline… well for lack of a better non-triggering word creepiness is just staggering. If that was the point I wouldn’t necessarily mind (I still wouldn’t bother finishing the rest of this show), but this is supposed to be sexy? Just nooo, not today good sir I won’t watch an anime about that, thank you very little. And Black-haired-whatsherface is the most despicable person in the universe for essentially manipulating her best friend/crush into sexual situations and JESUS CHRIST ON A TOAST I SO DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW ANYMORE NEXT!


Made In Abyss

Well this was an interesting and strangely wholesome first episode with an unusual undercurrent of gloom looming over it. It’s not overt per say, it’s more in the subtle details but it’s there. From what I’ve heard from manga readers this story is a lot less cutesy than it initially appears which both makes me anxious and intrigued. We’ll see where the plot goes.

On the technical side the set design is absolutely stunning which is saying something when you consider the competition this season. The character designs are a little odd but also strangely charming, and Rika is the most adorable lead protagonist ever.

Status: Watching


I have no idea what is this show is about. No seriously I don’t know. Don’t ask me.

Seriously I cannot even begin to describe what the hell did I just watched. It was like a badly animated acid trip, like one of those odd Liquid Television shorts you saw on MTV. I… I don’t even.


Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

Speaking of weird first episodes, while Vatican Kiseki Chousakan’s start is nowhere near as insane as 18if (that is difficult to top honestly), it is oddly paced nonetheless. There is a lot to like (such as our fascinating leads and their interactions as well as the central mystery of the episode) but there is also a lot to complain about (such as the aforementioned bizarre pacing and lackluster production values).

I give this show the good ol’ three episode test and we’ll see where it will take us.

Status: Watching

Shoukoku no Altair

Well this was a big disappointment.

I really wish I could end this series of previews on a positive note but unfortunately Shoukoku no Altair was possibly my biggest letdown this season so far. What seemed like a great fantasy adventure turned out to be just a poor-man’s Arslan Senki with questionable visual and sound direction. As charming as our hero is in the first ten minutes of this episode, the rest is a dull series of disjointed plot point about some conspiracy to start a war or something (with the vaguely German looking empire as the bad guys cause of freaking course) and honestly I don’t care for that.

Status: Dropped (sigh)

Well that was it for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 in next week!

Date: 2017-07-08 05:07 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kaoriva
Glad to see that skipping Shoukoku no Altair was a good choice. I don't know if you have watched Arslan Senki yet, but the pilot episode is much more organized (and I'm impatient for a third season). Also, I hope ufotable does a great job with Katsugeki, since is the show I have more interest in.

Also, Fate/Apocrypha's OP = Best OP of the season. No question.
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