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Type: Original fiction
Genre: Fantasy/Humor
Lenght: Oneshot
Word count: 340

Author Notes: A short little blurb I wrote on tumblr based on this prompt:

"You are scribbling random symbols on to your steam-fogged bathroom mirror and you accidentally open a portal while you stand there wearing nothing but your bath towel"

It's my first published writing made in somewhat of a hurry and English is not my first language, so it might be a little wonky. Nonetheless, feedback is greatly appreciated.

The portal opened up in the middle of the Great Library with a loud noise.

An elderly woman, around 73 years old, looked up from her desk and immediately rushed to the portal. She adjusted her robes and fixed her hair, preparing to greet the newly arrived visitor.

“Welcome to our realm traveler. Hope you had a safe tri-”

The woman stopped for a moment. She took a good hard look at the stranger barely covered with a towel standing in front of her.

“Erm yes, beg your pardon my friend, but I believe you are fairly underdressed here.”


Then, the young woman “dressed” in nothing but a bath towel finally spoke:

“Welp, I am clearly not in Kansas anymore…” turning her attention to the older woman in the room, she extended her hand for a handshake “Oh by the way I’m Julia. Nice to meet you. I know this must be every bit as weird for you as it is for me.”

“I… G-Greetings Julia of Kansas! My name is Eleonore, and I am the caretaker of this place.”

“That’s nice… I think” Julia seemed rather flustered. “Erm, sorry to interrupt you but how the heck do I get home?”

Eleonore raised a eyebrow in response.

“What do you mean?”

Julia then proceeded to explain what happened to her, how she was drawing random symbols on the bathroom mirror when suddenly a portal opened from out of nowhere and she found herself here.

The caretaker at first was rather surprised that someone managed to trigger the portal to the hidden Great Library so easily and by accident, but she choose to ignore that for now and help the stranger go home.

The woman thanked her for her patience before returning to her place of origin, and presumably grabbing a beer from the fridge to forget this whole thing even happened in the first place.

As the portal closed itself, Eleonore smiled to herself, before going back to her paperwork.

“Well what an interesting way to start the day.”

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